Body Beautiful And Farewell.


It’s your body, what’s it for? Looking good would be a common answer to that question. Being a fitness freak, I was always told I was too vain, when it came to thinking what my body looked like. Can I still see my stomach muscles in the mirror at 49 years of age? Answer no, but I wish I could. Are my legs too short? Answer Yes. Have I got a beer belly? Answer only sometimes.

But now as I am just about to embark on the most physical challenge I have ever given myself, all the cosmetic stuff seems irrelevant, short legs included. It is my body and I will be rely on it to carry me over a 1000 miles. So I will need to look after it. I will need to make sure it is ok and the end of every day, and it is ok at the start of every day.

I will be pampering it, especially my feet. I will get them ready every morning and thank them at the end of every day. This walk that I will start tomorrow, has made me think more about my body. It has made me realise whatever body we are given in this world, it’s our body and we need to look after it. You can’t trade it in for another, like you can with a car or a house. So vain and cosmetic thoughts are being pushed out of my head. My body is now going to be used what it is designed to do, and that’s to get me around.

So feet, toes, legs, back, stomach, shoulders and neck. I am ready!


And he’s off!