Thank You.


I would like to thank all the people that have followed me on my journey. All your kind donations and comments on my blog have really kept me motivated and determined to fulfil my goal.

I would like to thank the two charities that I have tried to raise money for… and will be contacting once all the donations have stopped coming in. Those being…

Door Step School Mumbai: the slum school that I teach in here in Mumbai;

Brian Tumour Charity:  A great charity back in the UK. My friend Mat Bayfield will be taking charge of any money that I have raised from my walk.

A special thanks to Johnny Ball, my partner in crime for a week. I really enjoyed your company and enthusiasm. Just hope I am not too old to join you when you plan your next adventure!

I would like to make a special thank you to my brother Steven Massey, who phoned me nearly every day on my walk just to check I was still alive.

A special thank you to my good friend Richard Smith.  Again he phoned me most days. But he also gave me sound advice and technical support in running the donation campaign and, of course, the blog.

The walk was made special thanks to all the wonderful people I was lucky enough to meet on my travels. People looked after me, fed me, gave me their houses to sleep in, translated for me, gave me lifts, gave me sound advice, without which I don’t want to think could have happened. But the most important thing they gave me was a piece of themselves and they made me happy. There are far too many to name here, but when I write my book, they will all be listed. Once again, thank you all my new friends.

The last thank you must go to my family. Andrew Massey and Theo Massey for supporting their dad’s mad idea, not crying too much when I left, and for cheering me up every morning and every evening on the phone.

Lastly, the wife. Michelle Massey. Firstly for understanding that not only women have mid-life crises, and that this was mine, well one of them anyway. For helping me organise all the campaigning and gathering of all my provisions. For her financial support, which made this trip possible. For her editing skills and uploading 100s of photos every day onto the blog that I hope you all enjoyed reading.  But lastly, for just being there to talk to on the phone, and sort of understanding why I would want to do something as mad as this.

Please note the blog will remain open for anyone that hasn’t donated yet, and thinks they might. After the 6th June, any monies donated will go to the Brain Tumour Charity as I will be buying all the resources for Door Step School, my slum school, in the first week of June.

Now I am back from walking, you will pleased to know I am back writing my other blog, the life of a teacher in a Mumbai slum. If you haven’t yet subscribed please do so:


Once again, thank you.


John Massey: